Video: The Billie Holiday Story (PBS)


Video: The Billie Holiday Story (PBS)Here is a video, The Billie Holiday Story (PBS), that is proving itself invaluable to my research in the development of my new one-woman show, Billie Holiday & Me: Legacy of A Diva.  I know other Billie Holiday fans will appreciate it, too.  For those of you wondering, “Billie Who?” check it.


Who I Am I'm an author, inspirational speaker, vocalist, and performance artist. I was a heroin addict saved from myself and the lifestyle (with all the pain that comes with it) but the mercy and grace of God. Clean and free from the bondage of addiction for 25+ years--one day at a time. I am a late bloomer; but blooming none-the-less. I've yielded every talent given me, and am now using them to encourage, inspire, and motivate others to discover and lives God's marvelous plans for their lives. My books include my latest, Walking On Water When The Ground Ain't Enuf; I Say A Prayer For Me: One Woman's Life of Faith and Triumph (Warner); 12-Step Programs: A Resource Guide For Helping Professionals; and Contributing Author of SistahFaith: Real Stories of Pain, Truth and Triumph compiled by Marilynn Griffith (Howard/Simon&Schuster). I also perform a one-woman show with comedy infused throughout. It's who I am--by God's grace--one woman on a journey toward unwavering faith.

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